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Cooling Tower Sizing Tool and Wet Bulb Calculator

We've built a few cooling tower tools that we think you'll find useful when selecting a rental tower that meets your requirements. Please feel free to send us any feedback or suggestions by submitting a contact us form.

Tower Sizing Tool

This tool is intended to aid users in selecting the proper cooling tower model and/or proper number of cooling towers based on the specific thermal, hydraulic, and climate conditions. To use this tool, input the design temperatures in Fahrenheit for the entering hot water, the exiting cold water, and the entering wet bulb temperature. Once the parameters have been input, the capability of each cooling tower model will be displayed in gallons per minute (GPM).

Cooling Tower Sizing Tool

Wet Bulb Calculator

Don't know your design wet bulb temperature? No problem, we have you covered. Wet bulb is a required value for sizing cooling towers. This tool is intended to aid users in converting known dry bulb temperatures and corresponding humidity into an approximate wet bulb temperature. To use this tool, select dry bulb temperature in Fahrenheit and input/select relative humidity in percentage (%). Once the parameters have been defined, the wet bulb value will be displayed.

Wet Bulb Calculator

Wet Bulb By Location

This tool is intended to help users select an appropriate design wet bulb for a specific location. To use this tool, users should select a state from the drop down menu. After selecting a state, a list of cities will appear. Choose the nearest city to see recommended design wet bulb values.

Wet Bulb By Location

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