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Aggreko Cooling Tower Services Keeps Power Plant's Discharge Temps in Check

The Customer Challenge

At a major power plant’s generation facility in Florida, maintaining regulated temperatures for discharge water can be a challenge during the summer. Cooling water flowing in from the Gulf is warm, and customer demand is at its highest. The plant faced a choice: either cool its discharge water or reduce production through de-rates. A de-rate at that plant means power has to come from other plants burning more expensive fuels, which means higher costs for customers.

The Aggreko Solution

Aggreko Cooling Tower Services provided a flexible, modular cooling tower solution that the plant could use during peak periods of demand or weather extremes – whenever it faced rising discharge temperatures. The Aggreko team installed 67 cooling tower rentals, 27 rental pumps, plus several miles of piping and associated fittings to meet the plant’s cooling needs – a major and complex deployment. The entire system is fully automated, PC controlled and managed by the plant’s operators located off-site. 

The Benefit to the Customer

With cooling towers from Aggreko Cooling Tower Services in place, the power plant can operate the “helper” towers only when needed to avoid de-rates. And by cooling discharge water only during peak demand, the plant will be able to provide the most cost-effective energy when its customers need it most. This solution will also enable the customer to determine if its thermal issues are temporary in nature before they invest in a more costly long-term solution.

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