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When Hurricane Rita Hit, Aggreko Cooling Tower Services Provided an Emergency Solution

The Customer Challenge

When a major chemicals facility along the Texas Gulf Coast lost two permanent cooling towers to Hurricane Rita, they needed a large-scale temporary solution to keep operating while permanent systems were rebuilt.

The Aggreko Solution

To provide a quick turnaround, Aggreko Cooling Tower Services got the manpower and equipment to the customer’s site and began installation.

Two deployments were required to meet the customer’s needs during reconstruction of its permanent systems:

  • 10 cooling tower rentals and five pumps to handle 20,000 gallons of cooling water
  • 1 four-pump installation to handle 15,000 gallons of cooling tower water

Installation of these temporary towers allowed the customer to bring the plant back online while the permanent tower was being re-built.

The Benefit to the Customer

Aggreko Cooling Tower Services' emergency response enabled the plant to startup sooner than anticipated, delivering everything that was promised in a safe and professional manner.

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