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Thermal Discharge Cooling

When drought or extra hot weather sets in, or as environmental restrictions increase, many plants that depend on once-through cooling water become restricted by thermal discharge limits. Aggreko specializes in solving these thermal discharge cooling limitations.

Specializing in solving your thermal discharge cooling limitations with rental cooling towers

There are three things we can do to help you get back within the guidelines:

1.  We pump a portion of the hot water from the discharge canal, cool it off, and mix it with the remaining water until it is within the permitted limit.

2.  We remove a portion of the hot water from the discharge canal, cool it off, and return it to the plant intake, reducing the plants overall consumption of its cooling source.

3.  Completely remove the plant from the once-through water source and place it on a cooling tower that is unrestricted by discharge limits.

We can engineer and install a temporary cooling tower system, optimized for any plant, in just days.

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