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Emergency Cooling

When your cooling tower suddenly becomes inoperable, whether it is the failure of a drive shaft coupling to catastrophic destruction of the entire tower, Aggreko is ready to respond immediately with our temporary industrial cooling tower systems.

Aggreko is ready to respond 24/7 with the rental cooling towers you need

Temporary cooling towers are necessary when addressing an emergency outage - especially when downtime must be kept to a minimum.  Every unplanned interruption of your cooling water service can negatively impact your daily operations.  Rental Cooling Towers from Aggreko can be installed quickly to keep you up and running.

Temporary Cooling Experts

Our people are experienced and know exactly what it takes to turn a catastrophe into a controlled situation. Our industrial, rental cooling tower systems group is made up of people that are dedicated to temporary, emergency cooling tower applications. We are supported in turn by all Aggreko employees from over 50 locations across North America.

We have more than 1,000,000 GPM of temporary cooling tower capacity and over 1,000,000 GPM of pumping capacity. We have the necessary pipe and fittings, transformers, generators, electrical distribution equipment and all additional equipment and material that might be required for immediate deployment.

Our crews have installed a 115,000 GPM cooling tower in as little as eight days. Challenge us.  We will get the job done.

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